Wellness or Wellbeing?

Wellness or Wellbeing?

Are Wellness and Wellbeing the same? Really?

‘Wellness’ is a kind of catchy word that has been bandied about a lot over the past decade. I think it means feeling well…but what does that even mean?

I’m guessing that there are many shades of what feeling well is like. To one person it could mean waking up and not feeling anxious or depressed; to another it could mean you’re up to facing an early-morning gym workout; to another it could be that the endorphins are pumping for some other reason. I would suggest that wellness describes a temporal, somewhat fleeting emotion of feeling good.

‘Wellbeing’ however, is all about what makes us feel good right down in the pit of our gut!  It last longer than a gym session, or a nice lunch with friends. It’s a feeling of hope and reassurance in spite of negative stuff the world may throw our way. The sense of wellbeing brings with it the sense of grit and resilience, of knowing that you can cope even though things can get tough at times.

Wellbeing goes way beyond a positive feeling!

It’s a sense of being connected. Of belonging. Of allowing your talents to reach their potential.

This sense of stability is often established in our childhood, that sense of knowing that your parents or carers were always there for you no matter what. Even if they were not the best parents, they were still there. It is about knowing where you came from, and who you belong to. This sense is clearly established in children by the age of 5.

Just as a fledgling tree begins to grow, it puts down roots. Similarly the child begins to grow and display their natural talents illustrated by the way they think, feel and behave to different experiences. And once the tree roots are well established it begins to branch out, and buds until it reaches full bloom. The same can be said for the individual. When a child is raised with a family that is there for them, they feel stable. Their roots have time to establish a firm footing. As they develop, they begin to expand their horizons by branching out by utilising their innate gifts. If they continue to be nurtured, loved and encouraged they will really begin to bloom and to reach their full potential as they move through life. Their talents become their strengths. Their strengths provide them with their toolkit for life.

If you want to discover true wellbeing in your life, even if you had a ‘rocky’ beginning, reach out and connect with Five Talents & Co. We can lead you on a transformational strengths-based journey of healing and empowerment. Isn’t your wellbeing worth it?

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