Find Your Individual Shine

Live with Purpose. What are Your Gifts?


By discovering your natural talents you can find personal empowerment. Learn how to name, claim and aim your talents to unlock your life’s passion, potential and purpose. Become the Masterpiece you were designed to be!

Find True Wellbeing – Your Key to Living Life Abundantly!


Until we identify what we stand for and believe in, we will struggle to set our own boundaries and establish healthy relationships. Personal Development begins with knowing who I am as an individual. Find out now!

Synergy for Families & Marriage – Enjoy Positive Relationships for Life!


Forming close bonds and trusting relationships can be difficult and complex in today’s society. By identifying and acknowledging how differently we each view the world, families or partners can discover a healthy platform from which to build understanding and cohesion.

Discover Your Child’s Talents (10-18 years) – Set them up for a Life of Success!


To know your child’s natural gifts and talents early in life allows the parent to understand how their child thinks, feels and behaves according to their unique lens for viewing the world. More importantly, it provides the child with a head-start in life by allowing them to understand that they may not be great at everything, but they can achieve excellence in those areas where they have natural strengths. This knowledge helps when selecting their school subjects / hobbies / sports / extra-curricular activities.

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