What are the 3 essential requirements for Productive Workplaces?

What are the 3 essential requirements for Productive Workplaces?

How well do you manage diversity & inclusion?

From the #MeToo Movement to various headline scandals, there is an urgent need today for diversity & inclusion to be understood and addressed, particularly in the workplace. Recent Gallup research indicates that diversity and inclusion need to be recognised as two separate things. As a starting point, building diversity to promote performance represents developing policies incorporating multi-generational, multi-racial, and multi-background. Inclusion however, refers more specifically to a cultural and environmental sense or feeling of belonging. It can be assessed as the extent to which employees are valued, accepted, respected and encouraged to fully participate in the organisation.

Unfortunately, both diversity and inclusion have for too many years been lumped into the same policy box by many organisations who are failing to distinguish clearly between the two. When leaders can make the clear differentiation they will discover the implications for business performance, productivity and profit. It is frightening to realise that a whopping $11 Billion on average is lost annually due to staff turnover! But employees who work in an inclusive environment not only feel appreciated for their unique strengths and characteristics, they are far more productive, yet Gallup statistics reveal…sadly… that only 16% of employees feel ‘connected and engaged’.

Measuring diversity can be straight forward by identifying the demographic make-up of an organisation. But how do we identify the level of inclusion? We can simply ask this key qualitative question: Do you feel OK offering your opinions and are they well-received? Then listen….and respond. As leaders, if you value inclusion you will require respectfulness from all staff, and that includes the art of listening! Sure we live in a fast-paced world, but how often do we ask for input, not interrupt, reflect, acknowledge, interpret, check perceptions, probe, summarise, support? Do we truly include and consider the opinion and input of others?

What are the 3 essential requirements employed by a productive workplace?

Gallup research found:

  1. Employees were treated with respect, civility and decency. (Companies reporting low respect had high discrimination & harassment reports).
  1. Employees were valued for their key strengths. Take your individual ‘strengths’ assessment
  1. Leaders & Supervisors do what is right, and intentionally create a safe, trusting and open workplace, where all are treated with fairness and without bias.

Serious business and cultural issues can be resolved in talent selection, recruitment, retention, promotion processes and improved market penetration when clearly-formulated plans can incorporate these 3 aspects. Diversity and Inclusion are not the same and must be addressed separately in order for real company growth.

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