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Your organization makes crucial human capital decisions every day — decisions that directly increase or diminish productivity, profitability and innovation.


The people you choose to hire and promote have a profound impact on your organization’s growth, so it is essential to make each of these decisions count.




Businesses that select the top 20% of candidates from our talent-based assessments have been found to achieve 10% higher productivity; 20% higher sales and 30% higher profitability!


TALENT-BASED HIRING …….allows you to maximize the success of your total recruitment process.


Speak with a Five Talents & Co. Strengths Consultant and discover how to address 7 crucial components of the hiring process to reduce economies of scale and maximize efficiency.




Be the Change Agent for your organisation. Our Strengths Consultants work closely with the HR Director/Manager to develop a Human Resources Strengths-based Strategy to tighten HR systems and processes within your organization.


This also includes a powerful and dramatically effective Performance Appraisal and Development process.

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    See Why Organisations Use Strengths To Boost Performance
    67% of employees who agree that their manager focuses on their strengths are engaged at work
    That percentage plummets to just 2% when employees disagree.
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