Like Coal to Diamond,

 ‘EXTRAORDINARY’ is the metamorphosis of Talent to Strength

Five Talents & Co. lead positive transformation to achieve peak performance, individually, organizationally and in teams.


We take organisations from uncut to brilliant.

We lead the individual to shine bright.

We put the gleam into the team.

It’s such a simple concept, but one that we as a society seem to have missed. Rather than fixing what’s wrong, Five Talents & Co. focus on what is strong. We show individuals and organisations how to take natural talents, develop and convert these into powerful and unique strengths that work both individually and corporately. Imagine doing what you love every day! By engaging a Strengths-Based strategy you too can successfully maximize the best and minimize the rest!


When we focus on playing to our strengths, success follows when we invest in these strengths! Organisations reap the benefit by having highly-engaged employees with high levels of well-being. The result is greater productivity, profitability and greatly improved ROI.

Bronwyn Humphries, Business Performance & Engagement Specialist

Bronwyn Humphries, Business Performance & Engagement Specialist, is Founder of Five Talents & Co and draws on over thirty years of business leadership expertise from within the Advertising, Education and Human Resources industries.  She is both a certified Gallup Strengths Coach and holds coaching accreditation with The Leadership Circle, a 360-Leadership assessment tool.


Her consulting work supports Leaders, Teams and HR to drive cultural change within an organisation by aligning mission with execution. Working from a strategic Strengths-based platform Bronwyn uses powerful Gallup scientific know-how enhanced by the unique 5Talents&Co. pathways to guide the rise of performance to embed an engaged and productive workforce.


Bronwyn has designed and facilitated extensive Women’s Wellbeing Workshops and spoken at Women’s Conferences, both corporate and not-for-profit on the power of Strengths and is available for speaking engagements.


Five Talents & Co. work with a select and experienced team of Gallup-Certified Executive Coaches /Trainers across Australasia.

Penny Gray, Five Talents & Co Associate

Penny is a registered Organisational Psychologist and organisational development specialist [MPsyIndust/Org BASciPsych(Hons)] with extensive experience in leadership development, consulting, facilitation and coaching. Drawing on her commercial experience, combined with her academic qualifications in organisational psychology, Penny’s focus has been to design and implement leadership programs to drive staff engagement and embed change, and coach managers to improve their leadership capability. Penny has delivered leadership development programs, as well as provided psychology services to support organisations and their leaders to implement strategies for managing mental health and resilience in the workplace.


With a background in behavioural science and adult learning, Penny brings an evidence-based approach to her coaching and leadership development practice. Penny is an accredited Gallup Strengths Coach focusing on supporting individuals and teams to identify and develop their strengths to optimise performance. In her coaching practice, Penny has supported clients with the use of various assessment instruments, including Saville Wave Professional Styles, Leadership EQi-2, and 360 assessments.

The Five Talents & Co. Client Commitment

Our purpose is to empower personal performance through transformational Gallup® Strengths Measurement tools, Gallup-certified coaching and the powerful Diamond ShapingTM Pathways unique only to Five Talents & Co.


Our mission is to lead organisations and individuals to reach the peak of their performance by realizing their full potential, regardless of age or stage of their career.


Our pledge is to provide the utmost integrity, discretion and honesty in every contact we make. Confidentiality therefore, is our top priority and commitment.

Five Talents and Co are proud supporters of the Australian Institute of Policing.


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